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Did you know that the City of Morgan’s Point Resort has a Water Conservation Plan?  We do and we think it’s important that you become aware of it.  Our Water Conservation Plan is based on both supply and demand.  While we have an adequate water supply, the City’s ability to deliver the water is limited by how much demand is placed on our water distribution system.  During the summer months, demand levels peak and our ability to deliver the water can become strained.

Our Water Conservation Plan establishes certain "Triggers" that move us progressively from voluntary conservation to mandatory conservation stages.  The Water Conservation Plan triggers are generally based upon the amount of water we are contracted for, or when our provider implements its Contingency Plan.  Once certain demand levels are reached, water conservation stages are triggered.

Our Water Conservation Plan consists of 5 Stages.  Stage 1 is a voluntary conservation stage in which customers are simply asked to voluntarily limit outdoor water usage.  Stages 2 through 5 are gradual in nature and provide mandatory conservation measures for water customers with Stage 5 being an "Emergency Water Shortage" that includes only essential water usage.  The Plan also has penalties for violations when a Stage has been engaged to include the discontinuation of water service.  As we head into the traditionally hot summer, we encourage all citizens to conserve water.

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Currently Morgan's Point Resort is not in a stage of watering.  The letter sent by Jesse Measles, Director of Utilities concerning the watering schedule can be found at Current Lawn Watering Schedule.

Ordinance Drought Contingency Plan