Drought Contingency Plan


Current Drought Contingency Status: Stage 2

The City of Morgan’s Point Resort has a comprehensive Drought Contingency Plan in place. The Drought Contingency Plan is a crucial component of our commitment to responsible water management, and we encourage your awareness and active participation in its implementation.

At the City of Morgan's Point Resort, we understand the significance of a robust Drought Contingency Plan. Our plan takes into account both water supply and demand factors. While we possess an adequate water supply under normal conditions, our ability to deliver water is influenced by the level of demand placed on our water distribution system. Particularly during the summer months, when demand peaks, it becomes crucial to manage our water resources effectively. 

Our Drought Contingency Plan is designed with specific "Triggers" that guide us through various stages of conservation. These triggers are typically based on our contracted water volume or the activation of our provider's own Contingency Plan. As demand levels reach certain thresholds, the Drought Contingency stages are activated.

The Drought Contingency Plan comprises five stages, each with its own set of conservation measures. Stage 1 represents a voluntary conservation stage, where we kindly request customers to limit their outdoor water usage. Stages 2 through 5 are progressive stages that enforce mandatory conservation measures for water customers. Stage 5, known as the "Emergency Water Shortage" stage, calls for essential water usage only. It is important to note that violating the conservation measures during these stages may result in penalties, including the discontinuation of water service.

As we approach the traditionally hot summer season, we urge all citizens to embrace the spirit of conservation. Together, we can make a significant impact on preserving our precious water resources. By being mindful of our water usage and adhering to the guidelines outlined in our Drought Contingency Plan, we can ensure a sustainable water future for our community.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a resilient and water-conscious city.

“Every Drop Counts” 

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