Community Programs

Below, you will find information concerning programs or services that the Morgan’s Point Resort Police Department offers or participates in, as well as information on programs or services that we may be frequently asked about.

House / Vacation Watch

The Morgan’s Point Resort Police Department is able to provide a house watch for you during times you are away for vacation or other extended periods of time. Please complete the house/vacation watch form completely and turn it in to the police department several days prior to leaving so that we have time to make sure our patrol officers are aware of the new watch posting and can become familiar with the circumstances surrounding your absence.

In certain other situations the department can provide a close patrol service when you are still at home. Those situations will be decided on a case by case basis and will be decided during a meeting between you and department representatives reviewing the specific request. Generally, those situations will involve some type of personal issues that would require a greater police awareness around your residence.

To request a house watch, complete the online form here.

National Night Out

Each fall the Morgan's Point Resort Police Department joins members of the community in support of National Night Out, a campaign to bring the community together and deter crime. The Morgan's Point Resort Police Department holds a common event for citizens to join us. In other communities, citizens will host block parties where the police will then join them. Nationwide more than 37 million people in nearly 16,000 communities participate in National Night Out.

For more information about National Night Out, click here.

Ride Along

The Morgan’s Point Resort Police Department allows and encourages citizens to ride along with our officers on a shift or part of a shift. In order to be considered, a person must be at least 18 years old with no criminal record. Application for a ride along must be turned in to the department at least 5 days prior to the requested date and time so that the department can adequately plan for the ride along. No last minute riders will be allowed.

The department shifts are 12 hours long so we do not expect that everyone would want to ride out for the entire time. A ride along should be planned for at least 4 hours to give you a good overview of what officer’s experience daily.

During the ride along, every effort will be made to keep you safe and secure - however, please understand that police work is inherently dangerous, and we cannot predict the type of calls that will be received during the time you are riding with one of our officers. If you have a preference for riding with a specific officer, we will attempt to accommodate that request but cannot guarantee your request.

Download a Ride Along request form here.

Fingerprinting for Licenses

The Morgan's Point Resort Police Department does NOT provide fingerprinting services. To find a Texas Department of Public Safety approved location and see the services they provide, please visit the following website:

IdentoGO Locations

Crime Awareness Alerts

While on patrol in neighborhoods, our Police Officers are constantly on alert for conditions that make people more susceptible to crime and devote time to mitigate or correct these conditions. If an officer observes such a condition and is unable to contact the resident or owner, the officer may leave a Crime Prevention Notice to request that the property be secured or issue corrected. Officers may leave a Crime Prevention Notice for:

  • Open garage doors
  • Doors or windows open or unlocked (vehicles or residence)
  • Valuables in plain sight in a vehicle 
  • Bicycles left in yard
  • Parcels left on front porch
  • Newspapers or mail left uncollected

Please help prevent crime in by properly securing your home, business, vehicles and other property.

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Technology

The City of Morgan's Point Resort partners with FLOCK Safety for Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) technology. The City has authorized use of four (4) stationary cameras. The Morgan's Point Resort Police Department uses Flock Safety technology to capture objective evidence without compromising on individual privacy. The Morgan's Point Resort Police Department utilizes retroactive search to solve crimes after they've occurred. Additionally, Morgan's Point Resort Police Department utilizes real time alerting of hotlist vehicles to capture wanted criminals. In an effort to ensure proper usage and guardrails are in place, they have made policies and usage statistics available to the public through a transparency portal that can be accessed through the link below.

To view the Flock Safety Transparency Portal, click here.