Parks & Recreation


Welcome to the Morgan’s Point Resort Park and Recreation web site. Since the conception of MPR, parks have played an important part in the quality of life that our citizens and visitors enjoy. The developers built a swimming pool, tennis courts, and other recreation facilities to support the "resort" in the city’s name.

Today, MPR offers a variety of recreation, including parks, a community pool, aquatics, paddling trails and an Event Center.

MPR Parks Master Plan

Kleypas Park Improvements

Updates on Kleypas Park Improvements

Executed Grant Agreement Kleypas Park

Final TPW Approved Plans-Kleypas Park Improvements

Final TWP Approved-Kleypas Park Temporary Sign

Bid worksheet and Equipment Specifications for Bids

v5 June 2 MPR EDC Lee Kleypas Park solicitation 1

v12 June 2 Kleypas Bid Sheet to match construction drawing 1

Kelypas Park Update December 16, 2020