Volunteer Gordon Carlson

“The Price of Freedom

As we close in on the twentieth anniversary of September 11th, our hearts and minds are invariably on those who lost there lives that day, and countless others who’ve given up a comfortable life to serve and protect Americans both near and far. Some joined the ranks of our public safety family, serving as Firefighters, Paramedics or Police Officers. Others answered the call of The United States military to fight the good fight on a broader front. A select few chose both.

Firefighter Gordon Carlson of Engine Company 62 is among those select few. FF Carlson joined our ranks as a Volunteer Firefighter in March 2020 during an uncertain time for all of us the world over. Stationed at Ft. Hood on active duty, a long day at the base seldom deterred him from putting in time on station and answering the needs of our community. He and his wife welcomed their first child just a few short months ago. His unit received word to get their affairs in order in advance of an imminent deployment in late July. 

This Saturday, eight Morgan’s Point Resort Firefighters will ascend 110 flights of stairs to honour the fallen. A ninth, FF Carlson, will climb alongside them but a world away. His unit is carrying out a humanitarian aid mission in the wake of recent events in the middle east. We are humbled and thankful to call him a brother fireman, and have the upmost respect for his service to our nation.

And, Gordy, while you may be a thousand miles away? You sure as heck are not forgotten!

Your fire helmet will remain on public display in our community until your safe return. It was placed in the library this afternoon so that our community can reflect on the sacrifices you and your brothers in arms make so that we might rest well each night. Engine 62 dropped by to visit with your family last Tuesday, delivering the 9/11 T-shirt that will soon find it’s way to an APO near you. Your accountability card remains on the riding list where you left it, at it will until you come home.

Stay safe! 


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