File a Police Report Online

Online Police Report

As part of an ongoing effort by the Morgan's Point Resort Police Department to provide excellent customer service, certain incidents may be reported online. Do not report emergencies using this online system, instead please call 9-1-1 for an emergency call. We are available 24 hours a day by telephone, 254-742-3231, and you may request an officer to take a report in person at any time.

Determine Appropriateness

This page allows users to submit information needed to generate a report and have that report emailed to them. Filing an online police report is appropriate for some incidents where the suspect is unknown to you. Consider filing online if:

  1. This is not an emergency.
  2. The incident occurred within the Morgan's Point Resort city limits.
  3. There are no known suspects.
  4. The crime is not in progress.

Report Process

Upon successful completion of the reporting process:

  • The submitter will be redirected to a page that verifies the information requested has been submitted.
  • An Officer will contact the submitter within 48 hours to follow up or request additional information be submitted.
  • If a report is generated by an Officer with the information submitted, a copy of the report can be emailed to submitter.

Important Information

  • All cases filed using the Online Police Report are reviewed.
  • Not all online submissions have reports generated.
  • Filing a false police report is a crime!

Accepted Incident Types with Definitions and Examples

Several different incidents may be entered using online form located below. Please select one of the incidents from the list below and continue. Again, if the incident has a known suspect, you should call the Morgan's Point Resort Police Department at 254-742-3231.




Burglary of Vehicle
(under $100)

A person enters a car and removes or attempts to remove items without permission from the owner.

Overnight an unlocked car is entered into and loose change is taken.

Child Custody

A party does not show up at an arranged time and location to pick up or drop off a child.

File this report for documentation purposes.

Coin Machine

A person makes entry into a coin operated machine and removes or attempts to remove contents without the owners permission.

Overnight a person pries open a vending machine and takes food and money.

Criminal Mischief (under $750)

A person intentionally damages property that belongs to another person without the owner's permission.

A person returns to his or her parked car and finds the tires slashed, or an unknown person keyed, dinged or egged a car. The replacement or repair is less than $750.

Debit/Credit Card Abuse

A person uses the credit card or debit card of another person without the permission of the person to which the card was issued.

A person takes a credit card belonging to someone else and then charges merchandise on the card without the permission of the card holder.

(Under $1,500)

A person makes markings or symbols on property not belonging to him without permission of the owner of that property.

A teen uses a can of spray paint to "tag" the side of a building with graffiti.

Hit and Run
(minor damage/no injuries)

A motor vehicle collision where one party leaves the scene and causes damage to another person's vehicle.

A person backs into another car in shopping center parking lot and leaves the scene.


An item has been lost, without any apparent criminal intent.

A person leaves a cell phone on a bench at a park, and it is missing when he or she returns.

Reckless Damage

A person recklessly damages or destroys property without the consent of the owner.

A person operating a lawn mower knows that his lawn mower is flinging rocks and debris onto a parked car. One of the rocks breaks the vehicle windshield.


A person tries to convince a victim to give money, valuables, or identifying information by means of deception. Often the scam is by phone or on-line and the suspect is unknown to the victim. If money or an identity is stolen and the scammer is know known to the victim, please file a report in person.

A person receives a phone call about an overseas lottery win, a relative in another country in jail, or calls claiming to be the IRS and requesting that money is sent. Other types of scams might include door to door solicitors trying to obtain personal information in regards to products, services, or polls.

(under $100/suspect not in custody)

A person steals from a store.

A person leaves a grocery store with items for which he or she did not pay. The person is not taken into custody but the store owner or manager would like to file a report.

(Under $750)

A person takes property belonging to another without the owner's permission and the value of the property is less than $1,500. This offense DOES NOT include property taken from inside a vehicle, whether secure or unsecured, without the owner’s permission.

A homeowner leaves his lawn mower unattended in his front yard while he steps inside. A person driving by in a pickup, stops and places the mower in the back of the pickup and flees.

Theft of Service
(Under $750)

A person obtains a service without rendering proper payment for the service.

A taxi cab driver picks up a customer and drives him to his destination. Upon arrival the customer flees the cab without paying his fare.

Download the Credit Card / Debit Card Abuse Packet

Download the Identity Theft Packet